Louise Honée

Louise Honée
Louise Honée


Louise Honée, based in Arnhem 
Ball game, We Love Where We Live, 2017

Print size: 210 x 297 mm

'Deserted sports fields, rusty playground equipment, children's feet in oversized flip flops 

In We Love Where We Live the young eyes of children and young adults are captured. Their identity is closely related to the region in which they grow up: McDowell County, West Virginia. It is partly located in the wooded mountains of the Appalachians and was once one of the richest areas in America due to coal mining. Everything was good until one mine after another was closed and the associated jobs disappeared. Many, many people have left, their houses are empty. Where once commercial activity was rampant, ghost towns have emerged, left to nature. The children do not know any better, they grow up with family members who are often out of work, but the solidarity is great. Honée wonders what future prospects are still offered to young people. In search of beauty in the midst of poverty and uncertainty, she photographs the individuality of each child and tries to portray both their vulnerability and resilience.'